Error when running a Cask command

If you run a Cask command and get an error, there are a few things you can try yourself:

  • Make sure that you have the latest Cask version. You can determine the current Cask version with cask --version.

  • Upgrade Cask with cask upgrade-cask.


    Use cask upgrade-cask even if you installed Cask with git pull. cask upgrade-cask will update the internal dependencies of Cask as well.

  • If the error persists, remove Cask’s internal dependencies, located at ~/.emacs.d/.cask/emacs-version/bootstrap, where emacs-version is the version of Emacs you are using.

    Remove that directory and try again. Cask will automatically download all internal dependencies again.

If Cask still does not work, please report an issue to the issue tracker. Please include Cask output with the cask --verbose and cask --debug options set, to give us as much information as possible.